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Жилье для отпуска в г. Паркс

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1bForest Cottage-Horseback Riding-Shooting-DogsOK!
Фермерский домик целиком · 4 гостя · 1 кровать · 1 ванная

1bForest Cottage-Horseback Riding-Shooting-DogsOK!МЫ ДЕЗИНФИЦИРУЕМ ВСЕ ТВЕРДЫЕ ПОВЕРХНОСТИ. ДЛЯ СМЯГЧЕНИЯ ПОСЛЕДСТВИЙ ПАНДЕМИИ КОРОНАВИРУСА МЫ ТЕПЕРЬ ИСПОЛЬЗУЕМ ТУМАН, А ЗАТЕМ ВОЗДУШНЫЙ ПОТОК ПЕРЕД ВАШИМ ПРИЕЗДОМ. ПРЕЖДЕ ЧЕМ БРОНИРОВАТЬ ДРУГОЕ ЖИЛЬЕ, ОЗНАКОМЬТЕСЬ С НАШИМИ ОТЗЫВАМИ! Только неагрессивные собаки. Позвоните, чтобы обсудить ROTTWEILERS ПЕРЕД бронированием. У нас были проблемы с этими породами. Верховая езда, целевая стрельба и 4wd туры на месте! Причудливый 1b, 1ba коттедж в соснах, вкл. гостиную с футоном, кухня, уголок, открытые сиденья, вид на лес/луг.

Банкомат в Пайнсе
Гостевой дом целиком · 4 гостя · 3 кровати · 1 ванная

Банкомат в ПайнсеОтдельная квартира от главного дома с полной ванной, холодильником, дровяной плитой для тепла. Кабельное телевидение, прекрасный вид на пики Сан-Франциско. Много места для парковки ваших трейлеров... игрушечных трейлеров, трейлеров для путешествий. Размещение домашних животных запрещено.

Коттедж Прери Пайнс на шоссе 66
Фермерский домик целиком · 4 гостя · 3 кровати · 1 ванная

Коттедж Прери Пайнс на шоссе 66Очаровательный и отремонтированный большой коттедж с 2 спальнями на Старом шоссе 66. Три кровати, граница Национального леса. Расположенный за городом в 20 минутах к западу от Флагстаффа, в 15 минутах к востоку от Уильямса и в 1 часе езды от Гранд-Каньона, вы сможете легко добраться до всего, что предлагает Северная Аризона. Ни домашних животных, ни Wi-Fi. Нет кабеля. Отключите и наслаждайтесь!

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  1. Автодом
  2. Williams
Частный и уютный фургон в соснах
6 558₽ за ночь
  1. Отдельная комната
  2. Флэгстаф
Юрта Гранд-Каньона
7 409₽ за ночь
  1. Домик целиком
  2. Флэгстаф
Grand Canyon Thundercliffe Lodge
18 210₽ за ночь
  1. Домик целиком
  2. Williams
~Райт Хилл, штат Аризона~
18 604₽ за ночь
  1. Домик целиком
  2. Паркс
Peaceful Cabin in the Pines Fenced Borders Forest
13 842₽ за ночь
  1. Домик целиком
  2. Паркс
*Peace+Pines Paradise* - Cozy Luxury in the Forest
21 863₽ за ночь
  1. Гостевой дом целиком
  2. Флэгстаф
Коттедж Гранд-Каньон на ранчо Thundercliffe
9 702₽ за ночь
  1. Домик целиком
  2. Паркс
Кабина Коко на высоте 7100 футов!
9 380₽ за ночь
  1. Домик целиком
  2. Bellemont
Basecamp 66 - Perfect Location For Your Adventures
12 691₽ за ночь
  1. Домик целиком
  2. Паркс
Peaceful Prairie Cabin, Mountain Views, and Stars
16 623₽ за ночь
  1. Гостевые апартаменты целиком
  2. Паркс
9 162₽ за ночь
  1. Домик целиком
  2. Williams
Quaint A-Frame in the Kaibab Nat'l Forest
12 711₽ за ночь

Популярные занятия в г. Паркс

Уникальные мероприятия от местных экспертов. Качество проверено

  • Хайкинг по тропе Саут-Кайбаб в Большом каньоне
    *PRIVATE BOOKINGS ONLY* Everyone must select the private group option upon booking *SOLO TRAVELERS* Please be aware of the private group price for one person ($400 Minimum) We will meet at the Grand Canyon Visitors Center, where you'll get set up with a backpack and poles. Our start times change depending on the season, please contact us to confirm the appropriate start time. From here, we will caravan to a viewpoint to park before walking to the historical South Kaibab trail-head to begin an epic journey below the rim of the Grand Canyon. ABOUT YOUR HOST : I am a local expert and professional guide that will lead you "back in time", discovering the ancient landscapes of the Colorado Plateau and geological mysteries of today. I will provide you with insight to any of the National Park's highlights; human history, anthropology, biology, and current environmental information about the Grand Canyon. While on the trail we will provide a healthy lunch, with the magnificense of the Canyon as your backdrop. Snacks are also included. After our rewarding hike, we will head back to the view point to depart. With only 5% of annual tourists going below the rim, this tour will give you an experience like no other. Create a lifelong memory by descending into one of the wonders of the world and seeing the Grand Canyon up close and personal with a passionate expert to guide you! Other things to note Trails in the Grand Canyon are steep and can be exposed to heights There is no water on the trail so guests must bring an adequate amount(3 Liters) Sun protection is highly reccomended. Please pre-hydrate before your trip Grand Canyon is 7000 ft above sea level Weather can change abruptly. HikeSmart
    От Цена:15 617₽ за человека
  • Частный тур по Гранд-Каньону
    This tour is about facilitating lifelong memories though meaningful connections to this amazing and beautiful place called Grand Canyon. I strive to share the deep history and passion that I, and so many others feel for this natural wonder of the world. If you want to avoid the plethora of cookie-cutter Grand Canyon tours and get away from the crowds for a unique and special experience, then this is the tour for you. For a fully customizable experience, I do offer entirely private tours where we can adjust the plan as desired or needed to accommodate any special needs We will meet in Flagstaff and caravan out to the park together. Passes can be purchased at the entrance gates for $35/vehicle (7 day pass). Once we're in the park, our day consists of two hikes, one below the rim to get a sense of the wonder and majesty of Grand Canyon; and one above the rim to an unlisted viewpoint to experience a deeper connection to Grand Canyon. So join us for an unforgettable experience in this place of unimaginable beauty and serenity. *PLEASE NOTE* -This tour has a 2-person minimum -Transportation/entry/food not provided. -Guide subject to change based on availability -Gratuities are never expected but are always accepted and deeply appreciated
    От Цена:11 985₽ за человека
  • Пообщайтесь с прекрасными лошадьми на ферме
    Visitors to Harmony Acres Farm will enjoy hands-on petting interactions with a variety of friendly farm animals in a peaceful natural setting that abounds with wildlife and wonderful mountain views. The sounds of calming wind chimes mingle with the crowing and clucking of our free-ranging chickens. One-by-one guests will be introduced to the farm’s colorful and rare breed horses, sweet miniature horse, friendly miniature goats, miniature pigs, handsome horned ram and woolly sheep. Right now we have brand new baby pigs and more coming this summer. While learning about each of the rare breeds that calls Harmony Acres home, you can pet and feed treats to all of the animals and enjoy their playful antics up close. Our elegant flock of chickens will usually come running for a guest-fed treat. Each tour winds up with some time for a period of guest self-directed time with your favorite animal. Petting tours are conducted socially distanced and all outdoors. We are handicapped accessible. Plenty of shade is available for you in our covered stable area and a shaded veranda at the house. Fun and fond furry memories await you! Other things to note, guests will be walking on unpaved and sandy paths and should not be wearing flip flops or open-toed shoes.
    От Цена:2 543₽ за человека
  • Церемония очищения
    A Cleansing Ceremony is a spiritual cleansing to get rid of negativity and find balance and harmony in your body, gain more clarity in the direction you want to go in life. I will teach you about the medicines that are used in ceremony, how to smudge in a sacred way, how the pendulum works to answer your questions and then Maria will perform an individual cleansing ceremony using an eagle feather, palo santo and aqua florida. You will experience a full mind, body and soul healing. We will end with a 20 minute meditation to clear, balance and open your chakras, after the meditation Maria will come around and each guest will receive an additional blessing with the eagle feather to further ground you and open your chakras and leave a small parting gift for you to start your own smudging. There will be a short hike that is light to moderate to the site, this experience is outdoors and we will be sitting on the ground.
    От Цена:4 359₽ за человека
  • Звездное небо и астрофотография во Флагстафе
    As the worlds first official "international dark sky city", Flagstaff offers us exceptionally dark, clean, and bright night skies to use as our canvas. Come out and get your photos taken under a stunning night sky and the milky way while we learn a thing or two about the cosmos. In addition to capturing a few remarkable images of the night sky (and you!) to get a closer look at the cosmos, we will also learn about constellation mythology, how to find certain stars, and what the heck it is that were looking at when we look up on a clear night sky! Feel free to bring your own DSLR and tripod to follow along towards the end of the tour with photos, but a camera is NOT necessary to enjoy this experience! THINGS TO NOTE: -Family friendly ~1.5 hour experience -If inclement weather prohibits our tour, I will offer alternative dates, or a full refund -If you do plan to bring your own DSLR, you will need a tripod, a ~24mm f/3.5 or faster lens, and know how to adjust ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. We will not have time to go over how to operate specific cameras, so please be aware of this. -If you are traveling alone, please contact me prior to booking, as a solo traveller fee may apply -We will be traveling in separate vehicles -Gratuities are never expected but are always accepted and greatly appreciated -Late Summer to Autumn offers best Milky Way viewing conditions
    От Цена:3 632₽ за человека

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