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Жилье для отпуска в г. Armona Island

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Лучшее отпускное жилье в г. Armona Island

По мнению гостей, у этих вариантов непревзойденное местоположение, чистота и не только

Маленький дом
бунгало целиком · 4 гостя · 3 кровати · 1 ванная

Маленький домОчень хороший бунгало внутри частного сада главного дома. Он очень уединенный, тихий и в вашем распоряжении есть бассейн. Дом расположен в 5 минутах ходьбы от центра Фусеты и в 10 минутах ходьбы от пристани и пляжей. Фусета - дружеская и типичная рыбацкая деревня Риа Формоса с одним из самых красивых пляжей Алгарве и хорошими вибрациями. Владельцы имеют две собаки и две кошки, они супер дружелюбные и милые.

Сельский туристический дом Olhão 2/4 чел.
фермерский домик целиком · 4 гостя · 2 кровати · 1 ванная

Сельский туристический дом Olhão 2/4 чел.Сельский дом, интегрированный в очень расслабляющее и спокойное природное пространство, приглашая вас общаться, состоящий из 1 спальни, 1 туалет, гостиная с диваном-кроватью и с саламандрой, кухня и терраса.

O Barraco dos Jardins - Ilha da Armona - Алгарве
Крошечный дом · 4 гостя · 2 кровати · 1 ванная

O Barraco dos Jardins - Ilha da Armona - АлгарвеДом расположен на острове Армона - Риа-Формоса - Алгарве. Это уютный дом с большими площадями на открытом воздухе и отдельными областями Солнца и Тени с видом на Риа-Формозу. Если вам нравится рыбалка, пляж, солнце и гармония... Приезжайте и встречайтесь всегда будут хорошо приняты, независимо от расы, религии или верующих

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  • Wi-Fi
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Больше отпускного жилья в г. Armona Island

  1. арендуемое жилье целиком
  2. Fuseta
"Casa do Mar" - Апартаменты с видом на Риу и Мар
9 064₽ за ночь
  1. Отдельная комната
  2. Fuseta
Номер с видом на море Лондон
3 301₽ за ночь
  1. таунхаус целиком
  2. Fuseta
24 321₽ за ночь
  1. Отдельная комната
  2. Fuseta
Великолепные номера у моря 1 Москва
2 953₽ за ночь
  1. жилой дом целиком
  2. Moncarapacho
Bela Vista Wellness- Margarida House
9 306₽ за ночь
  1. арендуемое жилье целиком
  2. Fuseta
Добро пожаловать в Фусету в Дирк энд Джен!
4 777₽ за ночь
  1. арендуемое жилье целиком
  2. Ольхао
Террасы на Риа-Формоса
5 212₽ за ночь
  1. бунгало целиком
  2. Moncarapacho
Casa Jill, 322 Armona Island
10 191₽ за ночь
  1. вилла целиком
  2. Ольхао
Праздничный рай
21 405₽ за ночь
  1. домик целиком
  2. moncarapacho olhao
каюта у воды
12 595₽ за ночь
  1. вилла целиком
  2. Moncarapacho
Яркий пентхаус
8 686₽ за ночь
  1. Отдельная комната
  2. Fuseta
Семейный номер (4)
3 909₽ за ночь

Популярные занятия в г. Armona Island

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Честная прогулка: достопримечательности со всех сторон
    As a tourist, you're usually looking for the walk that offers you the fullest experience while simultaneously being time and cost-effective. I designed this as a walk to standout and take you through all the old and saturated buildings that make up the city's downtown landmarks and be honest and educated about them, showing you the two sides of the coin: the “grand narrative” and the not-so-pleasant-info that is frequently left out because it has no place in it. This walk is everything in between the heavyweight history book and the lifeless compact guidebook — with a sense of humour.
    От Цена:1 303₽ за человека
  • Свет и архитектура: прогулка на закате
    Sunlight is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about “the south” and it’s so deeply rooted in its visual culture that separating the two is no easy task. This idea of “the sunny south” has been consistently and creatively adapted to anything, really: restaurants, grocers, contractors, marketeers, tourism at large, and if we extended this narrative further back, traditional occupations too. Life in the south has had to be managed around the notion that the sun is your forever relative and it’s not going anywhere. This applies to people’s behaviors, lifestyle and most importantly housing. The architecture of southern cities is the result of this constant equation and also the reason for its uniqueness and authenticity. Landmarks are often the result of a dominating aesthetic (renaissance, baroque, rococo, neoclassical, …) but it’s the lesser-known and more authentic equipment of a city that allows us to navigate this idea. This walk was, then, elaborated as a playground for all-this-Faro: its exclusive architecture and culture at the best time to explore it—the sunset. All combined with simple hassle-free history lessons that allow us to focus entirely on the relationship between the city and its light rather than the usual chronological map of events.
    От Цена:1 738₽ за человека
  • Кулинарный мастер-класс и ужин на ферме
    In this activity, that will take place in a traditional farm, Monte do Álamo (in Tavira), we will learn how to prepare a delicious meal using always the best local products. In the kitchen of the farmhouse Monte do Álamo participants will take part in the confection of traditional recipes in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Using local products, with an excellent quality and the presentation of the meal is also very important, as it will be explained during the class.​ Next, everyone is invited to share the delicious meal prepared with the hosts and guests, in a beautiful setting, always paired with great Portuguese wine. The recipes used in our classes are part of the rich and healthy Mediterranean diet, characteristic from the South of Portugal: Alentejo and Algarve. Discount of 40% for groups of min. 2 persons Other things to note We are not a cooking school More than learning complicated cooking techniques and recipes, participants experience our lifestyle by meeting and cooking with a local family in a traditional farm house
    От Цена:15 635₽ за человека
  • Настоящий Ольян
    Olhão's identity is a tangled web weaved by fishing and the fishing industry. Fishing is a general concern to any town in the Algarve, but Olhão still embodies that character to this day, which also explains its "subversive" behaviour. It is also the most authentic town on the eastern side of the region due to the fact that most of its historical and popular neighbourhoods were left intact after its expansion in the recent years. This walk will give you a full view and a comprehensive guide through the city's historical development while focusing on its untouched vernacular core. If you're all about walking and if you have even the slightest curiosity about architecture and its impact on a city's image and history, tag along and let's explore the streets of Olhão together! Other things to note Drastic times call for drastic measures and these days Covid-19 containment recommendations may change weekly. This experience will be adapted to the governmental measures implemented at any given time. I look forward to meeting you guys and showing you around, but I’m also looking after our safety.
    От Цена:1 738₽ за человека
  • De Faro, Passeio de barco na Ria Formosa
    Observação e explicação do Parque Natural da Ria Formosa paragem nas ilhas (Deserta e Farol) para banhos e almoçar num restaurante local com especialidades típicas. As praias desertas de areia a perder de vista e as águas cristalinas somente acessíveis de barco, tornam esta experiência única e bastante personalizada. Other things to note O almoço não está incluído no preço da experiência. Comparência 15 minutos antes da partida. O passeio é guiado em Inglês, Francês, espanhol e Português
    От Цена:2 606₽ за человека

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