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Port Wine Museum

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October 26, 2019
You can appreciate the history of this famous wine through various illustrative panels of trade, get to know better the evolution of the bottles and various objects linked to the Porto wine as well as the entire wine region. The presentation of a film will make you aware of the many professions that…
May 10, 2018
Porto Wine is the most famous product from Porto. Really sweet and tasty, one must try it here! If you want to know its history, this is a great place to go.
Dino & Ines
Dino & Ines
April 30, 2018
... don't forget to know the history of Port Wine!
April 30, 2018
know the history of Port wine is a mandatory thing to do if you visit Porto.
April 12, 2018
The Port Wine is one of the most celebrated local produces of Porto, worldwide renowned for its quality. People interested in the history of this drink, as well as in the history of its commercialization and the impact of its industrial production on the economic development of the city should…

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“Opened in 1992, it houses a collection of trams and other support vehicles that once circulated in Porto and which have marked the history of urban rail transport in the city.”
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History Museum
“Also commonly known as Quinta da Macieirinha, this late eighteenth century cottage was purchased by the city of Porto, in 1972, to create a museum there. The museum space aims to recreate a wealthy home of the nineteenth century, addressing the aesthetic, the ways and customs related to Oporto Romanticism of the nineteenth century . ”
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Винный бар
“Here you can follow our history, become well acquainted with our Ports and see our “Quinta” in the Douro.”
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Круизный ресторан
“This cruise plus a magnificent landscape, we can especially admire the six bridges that connect Porto and Gai”
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“Sé do Porto still traces the primitive Romanesque building built between the 1st half of the 12th century and the beginning of the 19th century. It underwent modifications in the mannerist and baroque periods. The Gothic cloister dates back to D. João I, the king who celebrated his wedding in this cathedral. ”
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94 R. de Monchique
Porto, Porto 4050-394
Номер телефона+351 22 207 6300
Режим работыОткрыто · Закроется в 5:30 PM