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Basilica of Maxentius

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November 29, 2011
Fori Imperiali...one of the symbols of Rome
May 27, 2014
Colossale basilica romana, di dimensioni impressionanti.

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Торговый центр
“it owes its name to the daisies, poppies, and meadow flowers that once adorned the square. Typical, the market that takes place every morning since ancient times. The square was not only a place of business or pleasure, but also a place of capital executions. At the center of the square stands the statue of the philosopher Giordano Bruno, burned at the stake for heresy on February 17th 1600 at this point. Now it is also a place of night life”
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Ночной клуб
Другой объект ночной жизни
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“One of the most beautiful areas of Rome, Monti retains a bohemian edge, and has become a rewarding neighbourhood for alternative fashion, gourmet and street food.”
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“One of Rome's landmark churches. Built between 499 and 1623 and finally restored in 1866”
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53 Piazza Santa Maria Nova
Roma, Lazio 00186
Номер телефона06 4889 9184