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Афинский концерт-холл «Мегарон»

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August 06, 2019
The Music Hall of Athens.
June 05, 2019
Athens Concert Hall with various performances all year round, be it classical music concerts, operas, ballet or dance performances.
November 21, 2018
Some of the best orchestras and theater groups appear here, from all over the word.
HCS HΩRIZΩN Cyprus Services
HCS HΩRIZΩN Cyprus Services
May 23, 2018
Either for a concert or for a conference the Athens MCH is superb! From the architectural point of view the MCH is a jewel! Modern and simultaneously classic! Marble all over, with specially designed lights and furniture. Also, excellent services either inside the auditoriums or outside with the…
April 14, 2018
The internationally acclaimed Belgian director Ivo van Hove, one of the biggest names in European theater, is making two Bergman films for the scene In 1-3 June 2018.

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History Museum
“Посещение экспозиции Музея Акрополя, который неоднократно признавался одним из лучших музеев Европы, позволяет составить подробное представление об истории и роли древнего города ”
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“A park with a statue of Eleftherios Venizelos (sculpted by the sculptor G. Pappas). In the rear section are three stone built buildings, accommodating the Athens Municipality Arts Centre and the Eleftherios Venizelos Museum. Facing the park is a row of three unadorned neoclassical buildings of the hospitals Aeginitio, Aretaeio, and Alexandra. ”
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“Another museum worth visiting. Here you can admire a collection of Prehistoric, Ancient Greek and Roman antiquities as well as the Byzantine collection, which links the ancient Greek world to that of modern Greece.”
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“Beautiful public park in the centre of Athens, great way to walk between places and take in the scenery. ”
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“Центр цивилизации!!! Акрополь!!! Стоимость билетов 12 евро. Очень много интересного!!!”
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Athina, 115 21
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