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Palia Agora Traditional Products

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November 18, 2017
Traditional products

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Магазин одежды
Natural Feature
“Mount Zas, which stretches southeast of the village of Filoti, is the highest peak in both Naxos and the Cyclades (1,004 m). It is no coincidence that Zeus, the father of the mythical gods of Olympus, grew up here, while his son Dionysus, god of wine and entertainment, was raised on the same mountain, and in a cave called the Cave of Za. At the top of the mountain, the "Nose of Za" as it is called, the worship of the great God took place. There is still inscribed on a rock the inscription "Mount Zeus of Milos", ie Mount of Zeus, protector of sheep, an inscription that defined the boundaries of the sanctuary that was dedicated to the great god. At an altitude of 630 meters is the cave of Za, one of the most impressive natural attractions of Naxos.”
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Ночной клуб
“If you feel like dancing while gazing at the spectacular beach of Agia Anna at night, this is the place to go! ”
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“The Archaeological Museum of Naxos exhibits works of art and objects of daily use that came to light from the excavations carried out on the island continuously after World War II, and date from the modern Neolithic to the early Christian years (5300 BC - 5th century AD). . AD).”
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Naxos, 843 00
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