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Лучшие рекомендации от местных жителей

Популярные достопримечательности и неизвестные уголки: узнайте, в чём уникальность города, с помощью местных знатоков.

Farmers Market
“This is the local agricultural market where you can buy food farm to table. Surrounding the market is everything you’d need to make a gourmet meal. There is a bakery, butcher, an Italian shop, a cheese shop, wineries, and an SAQ. I love the produce from this market. They have some of the best mushrooms I’ve ever had in my life right now. ”
  • Рекомендуют 915 местных жителей
  • 19 Впечатлений
Художественная галерея
“Montreal's most renowned museum. Often have exhibitions of all sorts with notorious paintings and artwork. ”
  • Рекомендует 391 местный житель
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“You can stop at the bar/restaurant called l'Espace Lafontaine in the middle of the park.”
  • Рекомендуют 735 местных жителей
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Национальное блюдо «путин»
“When you want to eat a Poutine and it's 4am? Go to this place! Good poutine, 24 hours!”
  • Рекомендуют 563 местных жителя
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“Many tourist attractions, souvenir shops, good restaurants and nice architecture. ”
  • Рекомендуют 339 местных жителей
  • 67 Впечатлений
Торговый центр
“Downtown shopping mall. 705 Ste-Catherine O. directly at the McGill station. Best to go by public transportation since parking can be difficult at peak hours.”
  • Рекомендуют 203 местных жителя
“Soaring greenhouses, tropical rainforest, the insectarium, amazing indoor and outdoor gardens . Wonderful place to visit in summer and any time of the year . ”
  • Рекомендуют 374 местных жителя
  • 5 Впечатлений
“Best and most fresh products in Montreal, in my opinion. Always a good idea to get food there and then eat it (pre-made or a picnic) by the canal which is 2 minutes away by walk.”
  • Рекомендуют 453 местных жителя
  • 11 Впечатлений
Историческое место
“Stunning old building, art gallery and view on Saint-Laurent River. Quite beautiful!”
  • Рекомендуют 280 местных жителей
  • 83 Впечатления
“Take a hike up Mont Royal and tackle the city's namesake for stunning views of downtown Montreal and the surrounding urban areas. All year around. Access via Parc Mont-Royal. Montez jusqu'au sommet du Mont-Royal pour admirer une magnifique vue sur le centre-ville de Montréal et les environs. 4 saisons. Accès via Parc Mont-Royal.”
  • Рекомендуют 488 местных жителей
“If your looking for the best smoke meat sandwiches, this is the place to be! ”
  • Рекомендуют 452 местных жителя
Памятник / достопримечательность
“From downtown take Peel street to the top of the street where you will find some stairs. You got to be in shape to make it to the top, but worth it . You will be rewarded with the best view of Montreal . You can come down the other side through the wonderful nature trails. Also there is a lake at the top . Beautiful for jogging. ”
  • Рекомендуют 424 местных жителя
  • 26 Впечатлений
Концертная площадка
“The Place des Arts is an entire complex dedicated to visual and performing arts, the largest of its kind in all Canada. Three great cultural organizations make their home here: the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, and the Opéra de Montréal, and its various stages and rehearsal halls provide venues for all kinds of theater, music, dance, films, and events. These sit around a large esplanade decorated with works of art, fountains, and water cascades, a popular venue for events. The most important of these is the annual summer Festival International de Jazz de Montréal held in late June and early July, attracting visitors from all over the world and bringing in some of”
  • Рекомендуют 276 местных жителей
“Wonderful journey through many climates in many domes adjacent to the Olympic stadium”
  • Рекомендуют 289 местных жителей
“located on the green line at Pie lX stop its very nice to see or just walk around there is also the venicular on the tower which you can ride to the top the planetarium and the bio dome are here as well and located across the street is the botanical gardens a day trip for sure ”
  • Рекомендуют 293 местных жителя
“Many Montreal festivals and concerts are there (jazz festival, francofolie, just for laugh, etc.). Only 20 minutes away, take the bus 129. It's also just a nice place to visit with lights and fountains.”
  • Рекомендуют 205 местных жителей
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