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Best things to do in Лиссабон

“(Historical monument) São Jorge Castle and the Christian Conquest to the Moors: We know now that the wellknown history of Martim Moniz who was stucked in the door of the Castle is just a legend. Cruzaders had to report heroic efforts during the Christian conquest, when they were camping during 4 months until the moors left because of starvation. In fact, Lisbon was not liberated throught fighting and guns, even at that time. History showed that the mossanas were pacific people. Jews and Christians only had to pay an extra tax, but they use to work in the government and they did not suffered of starvation. They have been even more mistreated after the conquest, by the Christians. The mystic was only built to justify the need of conquest and the purpose was only to obtain recognition.”
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“You will find me here (almost) every Tuesday and Saturday. Feira da ladra is also just one minute away from my apartment and you can find almost anything there. I love to just walk around to see what they have every week, and to drink a coffee in the park afterwards. ”
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Памятник / достопримечательность
“A stunning medieval defensive tower on the river Tagus in Belém (a suburb of Lisbon).”
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“Рынок находится у станции метро Кайш де Содре, который совмещен с ресторанным двориком. Здесь можно пообедать, поужинать, попить кофе и попробовать знаменитые паштела де ната. Очень популярное место среди туристов и португальцев.”
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Развлекательное заведение
“Not exactly in the neighborhood but only a 3-min train ride away, in Alcantara. This is the hipster capital in Lisbon and one of the coolest spots to hang out at. There are independent stores by local designers and artists, nice cafes and restaurants, an amazing co-working space and outdoor DJ sessions during the summer. Pop in Rio Maravilha restaurant for sweeping views of the Tagus River. Your Instagram feed will thank you.”
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Художественная галерея
“Stunning art collection belonging to Calouste Gulbenkian, an oil magnate that settled in Portugal in the 1940's. The wonderful 1960 building houses his private collection and an arts centre with a great art calender and a more recent building, hosting the Portuguese contemporary art collection. In addition the museum has the most beautiful gardens and grounds, the perfect setting to enjoy a coffee or a light meal in the Ice Cafe housed in a pavilion.”
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“• Oceanario de Lisboa: The largest aquarium in Europe, home to more than 25,000 fish, aquatic birds and mammals, all housed in an impressively designed venue. Visitors can marvel at the themed tanks with their sharks, turtles, rays, barracudas, penguin colonies from Antarctica and other amazing underwater creatures”
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Художественная галерея
“The National Museum of Ancient Art is one of Lisbon's great cultural attractions, and a "must see" on any tourist itinerary. This is Portugal's national gallery and houses the largest collection of Portuguese 15th- and 16th-century paintings in the country. An equally impressive display of European, Oriental, and African art adds to the allure. The museum is set west of the city center within a 17th-century palace, itself built over the remains of the Saint Albert Carmelite monastery, which was virtually destroyed in the 1755 earthquake. Fortunately, the chapel survived and is integrated into the building.”
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Cultural Center
“Beautiful architecture's building. Open 7 days per week, you can always find art exhibitions and from time to time many concerts and play. The tickets are not very pricey. If you arrive half and hour before the show, sometimes you can get a 50% off sale:) There is a terrace facing the river, and a great restaurant at the 4th floor. In short, it's a beautiful place and amazing to spend a afternoon or an evening there. ”
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Night Club
“A cult spot! A must! Good music, near the river, you can see the sun rising from the balcony :D”
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“Secret archeological searches are ongoing to check what was below the cathedral. After the Christian reconquest, it would be natural to build the church upon the mosque, but it also could be the usual propaganda and we are not sure of what happened. Reports of Crusaders mention that inreality mosque was used while the church was being built. It is possible that the cathedral was built in the center of the city, which was already very occupied and we believe that there was a previous small church that moved to the São Nicolau church. However the first escavations found a washing of the feet at the entrance for muslims who use to take off their shoes before going insidethe mosque. If you look carefully, on the left side of the cathedral, outside you will find a stone with David star. It was also a Christian symbol. This stone could have been removed from a previous church. There few stones like this one.”
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“MUSEU DE ELECRICIDADE: Tour inside Lisboa's first power plant (coal powered) and play with electricity with your kids. The next door MAAT museum normally features modern art temporary exhibits.”
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“The Fado Museum tells a story hundreds of years old with the help of music, photographs, musical instruments, posters or typical costumes for an immersive journey through the heart of Lisbon.”
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Ночной клуб
“Spend unique moments Unique bar ‘Pensão Amor’ - burlesque decor & ceilings with frescoes Enjoy the best Gin tonic in lisbon! Rua do Alecrim, 19 togheter with Rua Nova do Carvalho is a street lined with hip bars and clubs that become crowded after 2AM when the bars in the legendary area Bairro Alto start to close. ”
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“ The National Azulejo Museum is in walking distance -2,5 km from Vila Queiros. R. Me. Deus 4, 1900-312 Lisboa, The National Azulejo Museum There is no other building in all of Portugal that's completely dedicated to the tile art that can be seen all over the country. Housed in a 16th-century convent, the museum shows how azulejos tiles have evolved over time and it is full of surprises, including an unexpected chapel filled with intricate and beautiful artwork.”
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History Museum
“Музей карет в Лиссабоне - один из самых известных музеев с большим количеством карет”
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