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Историческое место
“Один из древнейших Амфитеатров. Летом здесь проходят многочисленные мероприятия и концерты мировых звезд”
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“This beautiful national park consists of 14 islands and is a unique combination of nature and history and home to about 250 different bird species and 700 plant species.”
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Water Park
“Water and aqua park in northwest of Istria for all day fun for the whole family”
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Другие интересные места на свежем воздухе
“Cap Kamenjak is a peninsula with a 30km coastline and many different beaches where everyone can find something they like. The coast of the Kamenjak peninsula is incredibly rugged and offers many places to swim, high water jump, etc. Kamenjak is the most intimate corner of the Mediterranean with scenes of environmental exclusivity, untouched nature, encounters with the last habitats of plant and animal species on the planet, idyllic beaches as well as a wild coastline, shade of the pine trees, crystal clear water, perhaps an encounter with the Mediterranean monk seal or a discovery of dinosaur footprints.”
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Ресторан быстрого питания
“ Aquacolors Waterpark is the largest waterpark in Croatia, located on the west coast of Istria near the town of Poreč. It covers over 100,000m2 and has a capacity of 3,000 – 5,000 guests per day. Aquacolors is considered one of the most modern water parks in Europe, and it is perfect for families, teenagers and adults. With more than 20 various attractions and 4,000m2 of water, Aquacolors offers its guests tons of fun, adrenaline and relaxation. All attractions in the park are divided into four areas – fun, adrenaline, relaxation for adults and relaxation for kids, and each area is distinguished by bright colours and lighting effects, taking you to another galaxy. ”
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“island National park Briuni, has old fortress of ex president Tito with many animals and parrots that can talk. There are boat tours daily ,12 km from app”
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Историческое место
““Golden Gate” or Arc of the Sergius - erected 29-27 b.c. by the Sergi family, and in honor of three members of the family who held high official positions in Pula. Often cultural events and concerts take place in the small square (Portarata) next to the Sergius Arch. And along the street there are numerous shops, restaurants and cafes”
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“Euphrasian Basilica Euphrasian Basilica is the Early Christian church which interior is decorated with spectacular mosaics. Its significance has listed it among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.”
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“This cave is a tresaury of stalgmites and stalctites, undergroud sculptures realized by patiend and long lasting work of water.”
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Торговый центр
“Second centre is Pula City Mall (Ul. Rimske centurijacije 101 Pula), a modern, easily accessible shopping centre that allows you quickly shopping at every opportunity. The offer of the Pula City Mall comprises 21 brands and retail chains.”
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“ Whether you want to dance all night or just for a few minutes, this is a good place. Free entrance and reasonable prices.”
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History Museum
“Temple at the Forum dedicated to the Goddess Roma and Emperor Augustus. Built between 2 BC and 14 AD, when August passed away. The form is a typical temple construction. The temple gives Forum Square a special atmosphere.”
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“Situated in an Austro-Hungarian old fortress, Aquarium Pula offers you a unique experience of exploring a really great composed exhibition of sea life while learning of the military history of Pula. The Aquarium is a sea turtle refuge and run by a family of a marine biologist. As such, very educative and professional content to explore for people who want to know more about Adriatic sea and city history. Perfect for kids with hundreds of interactive -educative games and features. It's even perfect for relaxing walk among thousands of exemplars of the sea life and cool atmosphere of the stone fortress. For us, the best details are the big sharks' aquarium, astonishing jellyfish of all kind and a perfect escape from the summer heat in a hug of fortress natural air conditioning, We highly recommend visiting this place.”
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“ The Shipyard Pub is conceptually conceived as a theme pub that would be the only space in the Pula area to entertain and socialize people of different ages with the same sensitivity. ”
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Theme Park
“Dinoparco Funtana is the first theme park in Croatia. It is located in the heart of Istria, near Poreč. A part of the park is located on the old quarry where the mobile dinosaurs live in natural habitat.”
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“Jupiter's Pizzeria and Restaurant is the best that Pula has. Extremely delicious dishes, ambience and location make this place very attractive. We often come alone or with our guests and are always delighted. We prefer pizza, green lasagna in mushroom sauce, pancakes.”
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