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Лучшие походные тропы по мнению местных жителей

“Diamond Head hike is simply a must for everyone coming to Waikiki! Yes, it will be crowded, but yes, the views are worth it from the top! ** Pro tip-- once you get out of the tunnel, take the stairway to the LEFT, not the right. You end up at the same place, but it's a bit easier and more enjoyable going that way. ”
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“Take a morning and hike Diamond head trail ! It takes about 1.5 fours up and back . ”
  • Рекомендуют 85 местных жителей
“You can drive and park in Lanikai (be aware of no parking signs....wear swimsuit underneath and walk straight out to Lanikai beach to swim after hiking.”
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“Koko head is a little more advanced trail that will get your heart rate up pretty quickly. It is like a stair master that takes about 30-60 minutes depending on your physical fitness level but once you reach the top you will be happy you did it. Be sure to go around the backside of the peak so you can see inside of the crater. ”
  • Рекомендуют 55 местных жителей
“Gradual incline, nicely paced road all the way up! Get your heart pumping and a little sweat on. Probably one of the easiest hikes! ”
  • Рекомендуют 34 местных жителя
“A short hike will lead you to a pillbox where you can see breathtaking views. A must hike on this island. Hiking shoes recommended. Sunrise destination too. ”
  • Рекомендуют 28 местных жителей
“One of the best hikes to burn calories instantly with stairs all the way up. At the top, you will see some of the best views from the island.”
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“Offering outstanding views of Oahu’s coast, including Koko Head, this trail is an excellent place to view migrating humpback whales from November to May.”
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“Hike in Hawaiian rainforest on East Oahu. Arrive at waterfall. Dive in. Not as dramatic as Manoa Falls.”
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“Lulumahu Falls is a favorite amongst locals and a GREAT half day hike. The hike begins in off the Pali Highway and goes through a beautiful bamboo forest before opening up to a clearing where you can see the green mountain range towering above you before reaching Lulumahu stream which will lead you to the falls.”
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“Great, relatively easy hike with breathtaking views. Hike is paved most of the way. ”
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“Mostly shady trail, Muddy after rain. Loop trail. Beautiful green scenic views.”
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“Beautiful hiking trail. It isn't to hard to do. Can be long for some people but there isn't much incline on this hike.”
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“One of the favorite hikes of Oahu! Top 5 for sure! It goes on forever but about one hour in you will get to see one of three waterfalls. ”
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“An easy walk set amid tropical vegetation & an arboretum with a 150-ft waterfall reward at the end of the trail. A good beginner hike with many families seen on the trail as well. Keep the kids in tow though so that they don't fall into a ravine! Make a visit to Leonards bakery while you're at it, which is nearby as well.”
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