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Популярные достопримечательности и неизвестные уголки: узнайте, в чём уникальность города, с помощью местных знатоков.

“Catch the train to Dalkey & walk through Dalkey town & up Dalkey Hill & down onto Killiney Beach. It's about a 20 minutes train ride.”
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“Great pub. Packed on Fridays. Sit outside in good weather. This is where Bono took Barack and Michelle. The sight of the secrete service in town was an eye opener - think cavalcade of long black limos. Parking problems, yes!!”
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“Dart Train south to Dalkey. Lovely day out to see village where Bono of U2 lives. Dalkey Castle is a small museum close to restaurants, market (Weekends) and Dalkey harbour (15 min walk)... Nice day out to a lovely village.”
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“Great steaks here - Trad Bistro style - We love the mussels and the kidneys - and the espresso martinis!”
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“Not feeling like going all the way onto the city? Well look no further then Dalkey village, it is only 4 stops away on the DART (train) and is an ancient Irish town founded in viking times with excellent nightlife. And Queens is a fantastic bar that I would definitely recommend!”
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“A memorable mountain experience, I love this place for its panoramic view of mountains, islands, sea and city. Park on the Vico Road and descend the steps over the railway line to the microclimate of White Rock Beach, Killiney Hill rises steeply behind cutting off the wind. Go back up and across the Vico Road into the oak and pine towards the hilltop to the Obelisk. Drop into the coffee shop at the Victoria Gate entrance on Killiney Hill Road.”
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Живописное место
“Loads of busy walkers some with dogs some with kids. A lovely walk for everyone with some of the best views in Dublin. There are many routes around thus hill and all of them are worth doing.”
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“Fitzpatricks or Killiney Castle as the locals call it, is a great place to chill and relax. It has a spa and gym and swimming pool. It is also the set down point for Aircoach.”
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Bus Station
“Take a picnic and rest on the hill while savouring the stunning views of the Dublin coastline. Afterwards take a walk down to the beach and return to Dun Laoghaire by train.”
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“This is one of our favourite family restaurants that we have celebrated many a birthday in over the years!”
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Bus Station
“Panoramic views of the Dublin\Wicklow coastline from the top of Killiney Hill. Stunning walk and a favourite place for my dog Sophie. Good for kids too. Playground and nice cafe in the Park.”
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“I especially like the piano over the weekend and the nice atmosphere. There is a large collection of wine and one of the best meat served around.”
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“If you want to check pout some of our locate celebs like Bono, The Edge or Van Morrison and others from film and TV. Walk along here you never know who you might bump into !!!”
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“A picturesque, historical town with seven castles and even more restaurants, pubs and places to eat. ”
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Natural Feature
“Fabulous views of Dublin Bay and the City Part of Killiney Hill park - also a cafe there and dog friendly”
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“Hot spot health food casual cafe & grocery, loved by celebs, perfect for anyone visiting who has special dietary needs or wants some wholesome good food...”
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