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Soccer Stadium
“Coimbra has the famous University library and also it's a wonderfull city to enjoy. Good food, wonderfull architecture etc. ”
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“Кои́мбрский университет — старейший университет в Португалии и один из старейших в Европе, основан в 1290 году, расположен в городе Коимбра. 22 июня 2013 года университет был внесен в Список объектов Всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО. По университету проводятся экскурсии.”
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“Ботанический сад Университета Коимбры, основанный в 1772 году, раскинулся на 16 га и представляет собой чудесное место для прогулок. ”
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Торговый центр
“Here you can found almost anything you may want. It's also a good place to eat at low prices.”
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Торговый центр
“Этот крупный торгово-развлекательный центр находится на холме и приятен тем, что с просторной веранды можно за чашечкой кофе полюбоваться нереально красивой панорамой Коимбры и руслом Мондегу. ”
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“The forest was planted to 'suck up' (choupar) flood waters from the River Mondego. It is a beautiful place to stroll in rain or shine, and there is a kiosk from which to buy drinks and snacks. ”
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“This great museum is a highlight of central Portugal. Housed in a 12th-century bishop's palace, it stands over the city's ancient Roman forum, remains of which can be seen in the maze of spooky tunnels under the building – the cryptoporticus. Once you emerge from this, you can start on the fascinating art collection, which runs the gamut from Gothic religious sculpture to 16th-century Flemish painting and ornately crafted furniture. Particularly spectacular is the vast recreation of a chapel from the Convento de São Domingos, but highlights abound. These include a section of the delicate cloister of São João de Almedina and some exquisite alabaster pieces from England. Sculptural works trace the development of Portuguese sculpture from the 11th century, showing how the arrival of Renaissance masters from across Europe paved the way for a distinctive Coimbra tradition. You can admire terracotta figures from a 16th-century Last Supper by the mysterious French artist Hodart and some stunning panels by the Flemish painter Quentin Metsys. A collection of gold monstrances, furniture and Moorish-influenced pieces is almost too much by the time you reach it.”
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Administrative Area Level 2
“library Joanina, castles and cathedrals, students traditions takes place in may: Queima das fitas, traditional celebration of the students, fado of Coimbra...”
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Живописное место
“This rocky promontory with its gardens, owes its name (Rock of Longing) to the tradition that Prince Pedro often went there to weep for the loss of his beloved Inês.”
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Theme Park
“Португалия Малышей - удивительный парк, где выстроены самые знаменитые миниатюры португальской архитектуры всех времен и регионов. Здесь есть на что полюбоваться взрослым, и есть, чем заняться детям, которых приводят в.восторг крошечные домики. ”
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“Traditional portuguese food. Authentically Portuguese food. Specialty bones. ”
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“perfect for families: playground close to downtown, watch the rowboats and kayaks on the river, feed the ducks (maybe not.. oh well.. the kids like that)”
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Концертный зал
“Традиционное исполнение фаду в Коимбре отличается от фаду в Лиссабоне манерой исполнения и формой португальской гитары. В центре фаду регулярно проходят получасовые камерные концерты. ”
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Парк скульптур
“One of the oldest churches in Portugal. Portugal's first king's tomb lies here. Can't help see it as you walk through the main downtown street, Rua Visconde da Luz”
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Торговый центр
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