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“Would you like to know what to see in Bodrum? Enjoy the International Bodrum Ballet Festival at the historical Bodrum Castle, bringing together artists and art lovers to enjoy the history and culture of Bodrum.”
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“Described as "One of the Seven World Wonders of ancient times" It is an inexpensive museum to see the remaining ruins of this building. Must be visited during Bodrum stay ...”
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“Ancient amphitheater with stunning view of Bodrum, placed there to be visible from the castle.”
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“Halikarnas Club , ünü dünyayı dolaşmış olan bir gece kulübüdür , bir çok ünlünün ve turistin uğrak yeridir .”
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“Located in the Greek Quarters in Bodrum, this is definitely the BEST fish restaurant in Bodrum. Serves a fresh selection of fish, seafood and home made Turkish meze”
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Night Club
“Tanz-Vergnügen der besonderen Art. Der schwimmende Tanzpalast läuft abends auf das offene Meer aus. Bis zu 1'500 Tanz-Begeisterte. Du willst vorzeitig zurück: Ein Wassertaxi ist jederzeit verfügbar. ”
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“It is a restaurant and at nights it turns out to a bar/club. Might be live performances. Jazz is their style regularly or live concerts. Elite place with good crowd. A little pricey but one of the must go places in Bodrum for night or day.”
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“Gumbet only comes alive at night ! Famous for its nightlife. Very popular for the UK youngsters.”
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“This amazingly neat museum is inside the Castle of St. Peter. It is exciting even if you do not know underwater archaeology. At the Glass Wreck Hall, they have a 16-meter ship that sunk in AD 1025. ”
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“Delicious pizza. Italian food. Nice atmosphere. Do not forget to book in advance (more than a day)”
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“A must visit for all the family. An exhibition showing the life story of this famous Turkish singer and celebrity. The costumes are a must see! ”
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“The oldest and best pizza in town. They have lots of Italian food in their menu. They are really good thats what we think. Might be crowded so be prepared to wait if its rush hour for food!”
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“A well decorated bar playing rock music and till 11PM, they have happy hour to drink as much as you can. ”
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Natural Feature
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