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Знакомьтесь с г. Берлин

Парки и природа в г. Берлин

“Sundays this Market is booming and has become the most popular attraction for Berliners and visitors alike. The Sunday karaoke is not to be missed. The annexed Fleamarket is worth a stroll over!”
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“Big jumble sale, street food, artisanat and many other interesting things in the park that used to be crossed by the Wall. Big karaoke openair in summer, very fun !”
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“The only airport in the world that has been transform into a parc but all the facilities including the runways and the terminals remained untouched. Its the only location in the city where you can appreciate the perfect sunrise and sunset, like on a beach. Open until sundown.”
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Пивной сад
“Famous Rooftop, worth a look, but to avoid a long queue better go there during the week or in the afternoon than in the evening.”
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“huge park, in summer times the place to be, bbq, beach volleyball, a lot of playgrounds, skating, chilling”
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“Huge park on the Spree with possibility of renting small boats. Nice on summer days!”
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Историческое место
“Visit the open air museum and learn about the time when Berlin was divided into east and west.”
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Живописное место
“You cannot miss this landmark visit and its central to many other places to see.”
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“Berlin's own central park. A vast leafy sanctuary to get away from the hustle and bustle, and a wonderful place to go for a bike ride. For additional fun, visit the Zoo right next to it!”
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“Wonderful park with old trees and large grassy spaces. One of the few places in the city with a view and the only park with a wonderful. Monument and viewpoint reached by a small uphill climb. Cafes and restaurants nearby.”
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“A swimming pool built into the river with a unique panoramic view of the river Spree, the Oberbaum Bridge and the Fernsehturm. Go early! http://www.arena.berlin/veranstaltungsort/badeschiff/ ”
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“Trashy but very popular, nice spot in the heart of Kreuzberg, nice to go around there, restaurants, bars... ”
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Capitol Building
“You must book the free visit to the Reichstag dome because of its amazing view on the skyline!”
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“After a visit to the Technical Museum, why not take a walk through the park. A former railway marshalling yard that has been redeveloped as an urban oasis in the centre of the city. A great place for kids, with basketball courts and a skate park, as well as a huge grassy area to run around in. Watch out for passing trains!”
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Торговый центр
“Many convenience stores/late night shops (Spätkauf) offer bicycle rentals. Just look for those with bike racks outside. Standard price is 10 EUR x day. Security deposit in cash.”
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Торговый центр
“Every Thursday and Saturday is a market. They sell eggs, fruits, veggies, flowers, cheese, meat, fish, cakes and a lot more. It's a really nice atmosphere and lovely people. Nice coffeeshops around ”
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