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Лучшие рекомендации от местных жителей

Популярные достопримечательности и неизвестные уголки: узнайте, в чём уникальность города, с помощью местных знатоков.

“If you're a tourist looking to do tourist things, this should be on your list!”
  • Рекомендуют 165 местных жителей
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“It’s your classic old historic new and spiffy neighborhood town square. It’s the Harbor, the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe, local live bands, eating drinking merrymaking, waterfront and cobblestones ”
  • Рекомендуют 119 местных жителей
“The Aquarium located close by in Baltimore City is an under the sea adventure worth exploring!”
  • Рекомендуют 82 местных жителя
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Художественная галерея
“Located downtown this museum is FREE and showcases thousands of years of art from around the world. Check their calendar because they also offer tours, performances, art-making and lectures.”
  • Рекомендует 91 местный житель
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Baseball Stadium
“If the team is out of town and you can't buy a ticket to a game you can book a tour of the BEST ballpark in the U.S.A.!”
  • Рекомендуют 67 местных жителей
Football Stadium
“When there is a game parking comes as far as the doorstep of "Affordable Vacation Home"!”
  • Рекомендуют 50 местных жителей
“The park is a great place to go. Lots of events, lots of puppies, and beautiful.”
  • Рекомендуют 69 местных жителей
Историческое место
“Amazing views of our city and so much fun with a group. We’re proud of how much history is here in Baltimore. ”
  • Рекомендует 71 местный житель
Художественная галерея
“Lovely museum near the main campus of Hopkin's University, I love the sculpture garden.”
  • Рекомендуют 63 местных жителя
“Best beer in Baltimore. Walking distance. Try the 'Resurrection.' Food is great too!”
  • Рекомендуют 79 местных жителей
Художественная галерея
“It’s a pretty decent museum. Has a bit of everything, from modern exhibits to Picasso & Matisse paintings. Lost of historical information. ”
  • Рекомендуют 47 местных жителей
“More than 1,500 birds, mammals, amphibians & reptiles at this zoo in Druid Hill Park since 1876.”
  • Рекомендуют 35 местных жителей
“Take in the view of the harbor from the top of Federal Hill Park, there is also a playground for kids and SWINGS!”
  • Рекомендуют 75 местных жителей
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“A fun, quirky, totally Baltimore museum with an amazing café located near the Inner Harbor.”
  • Рекомендуют 74 местных жителя
Ресторан современной американской кухни
“A must visit, yummy food and relaxed atmosphere. A bit on the pricey side but you'll be satisfied with your meal.”
  • Рекомендуют 70 местных жителей
Кинотеатр с независимым кино
“Feeling up to a good art house movie? Check out The Charles, just a few blocks south and east, where they show award winning films.”
  • Рекомендуют 65 местных жителей