Ride Back in Time on a Big Wheel

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Организатор Впечатления Mark & Sophia о себе
Sophia is an experienced wheelwoman and sub-captain to the Oamaru Ordinary Cycle Club. She has trained many tourists and locals alike in the art of riding a penny farthing. She is currently fundraising for a new fleet of miniature penny farthings so local children can also enjoy the penny farthing experience.
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The penny farthing, also known as the ordinary or high wheel were an integral part of Oamaru's landscape during its Victorian heyday of the 1880's. The local Oamaru Ordinary Cycle Club keeps this tradition alive by building, riding, teaching, touring, and maintaining a fleet of full-size and learner-size penny farthings. Get a taste for the historic experience of learning to ride a high wheel in …
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penny farthing & helmet 󳀁
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Please get in touch to make sure we can arrange a suitable time as I am the manager of the local community gardens and often travel around the district teaching gardening to children.
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We will do our training session in the historic precinct of Oamaru. Once you have mastered the art of mounting a penny farthing, we will do a short ride along the foreshore of harbour and around the historic precinct.
Mark & Sophia
Ride Back in Time on a Big Wheel
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