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Côte d'Azur cruise in a vintage yacht

Категория Впечатления: природа
Организатор Andrea
Организатор мероприятия
4 часа
Закуски, Напитки и Оборудование
Язык: Английский
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Людям интересно это мероприятие. На этой неделе его уже посмотрело более 900 чел.
Организатор Впечатления Andrea о себе
I have done many things in my life and have seen half of the world, but the sea and the boats have always held a special place in my heart. I have experience in motorboat racing, and I am an owner of a restaurant in Nice, which I manage with my wife. I've sailed and motored all over the Mediterranean and have three boats—a six meter, a 10 meter, and an 18 meter. I like to share my passion with people.
Чем мы займемся
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the incredible panorama. During this experience, you will help me to go out and in from the port, leave the moorings, pull up the anchor, and take control of the rudder in the open sea. I'll show you the tricks to navigate the coast safely while you enjoy the sun.
Что я предоставлю
Rosé wine or beer 󲀃
Diving mask 󳀁
Snacks 󴀁
I'll provide Italian cured meat, mozzarella, and local cheese.
Возраст гостей
Могут участвовать гости старше 8 лет.
Wear clothes appropriate for the season and bring sunscreen and a camera. This experience is subject to sailing and weather conditions.
Где мы побываем
We will see old castles and villages from the 1600s, including Villefranche-sur-Mer. We'll pass from Beaulieu-sur-Mer and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat near the very famous Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, and we'll see the super villas of the VIPs. We will go to the most famous beaches, such as Paloma Beach and Plage de Passable, and take in some swimming and the sun on the big 40-square-meter terrace with good jazz music.
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Могут участвовать гости старше 8 лет.
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