Paint on a secret beach with an artist

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Hey there. I am a French artist who has exhibited in Antibes. I was born on the French Riviera. I spend my time painting outside where the light is wonderful for inspiration. I want to share my passion with other people as much as possible.
Чем мы займемся
Enjoy an unexpectedly great time with a local French artist. We'll take an easy hike through beautiful places in the Cap d'Antibes. We'll find the best spots for taking pictures of the Baie des Anges—Bay of Angels—and we'll learn about the history of the great people who built this place. Then we'll discover the art of the intuitive painting in a secret little beach, and you will make your own pie…
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Mediterranean picnic 󴀁
(Végétarien food)

Local drinks 󲀃
Bring your own bottle
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Bring your camera or smartphone to take amazing pictures. Don't forget your sunglasses.
Где мы побываем
We are going to hike through beautiful and prestigious places in the Baie de Cannes and the Baie des Anges, where we can contemplate the ancient town of Antibes. Together, we'll discover my favorite hidden beaches on the Riviera and spend time in a peaceful place to have a nice arty moment.
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